Every month, 1000–1200 New York City small businesses are forced to close their doors—most because they lost their lease. 

These are not just businesses. These are people. These are our families, our friends, and our neighbors. These businesses are us. They represent the true character of NYC which has always been the people. NYC is all of us. It's time to TakeBackNYC. 


The facts: Small business surveys, public testimony from small business organizations, business forums, closing of long-established successful businesses, and court records of commercial evictions support the reality that our small businesses face a crisis. Without City Hall intervening with legislation to regulate a collapsed and exploited commercial lease renewal process, there is no hope or future for our small businesses or their employees in New York City. Elected officials must stop the lip service. If they really believe small businesses are the backbone of our economy then it's time for them to act.

Our small businesses have reached the “tipping point” in NYC. Out of control rents and being forced to pay the landlord's growing property taxes on top of the already high cost of operating a business have made it next to impossible for most businesses to make a reasonable profit.

For over 25 years, speculators have taken full advantage of the unregulated lease renewal process to rent gouge their tenants and stop all good faith negotiations and instead demand unreasonable and oppressive lease terms.

Our city is going from being the gateway for immigrant entrepreneurs to achieve economic mobility and having the oldest and most diverse and vibrant economy of any major city in the nation to the worst city in the nation to start a new business, the worst city in the nation to build a successful business, and the worst city in the nation for long established successful businesses to remain in business.