TakeBackNYC is a political coalition of NYC small businesses, residents, and advocacy groups formed with one goal and one goal only: 

Empower and protect the rights of NYC small business owners.

New Yorkers know a raw deal from a mile away. And we know how to push back.

We’re resilient, we stand up for what’s right, and we fight for each other.

Every month, between 1,000 and 1,200 small businesses lose their lease because of drastic rent increases from greedy financiers and corrupt landlords. These small businesses – hard working New Yorkers who form the heart and soul of the greatest city on earth – are being replaced by the highest bidder, big box stores and chains whose only motivation is greater profits. But we can fight this. We can save our city’s businesses and preserve the values that made New York City the cultural and economic center it is. By protecting our small business owners and the opportunities they create, we protect our jobs. We protect our social mobility. We protect the character of our communities.

There is a solution to this crisis: the Small Business Jobs Survival Act

TakeBackNYC is not a fight for nostalgia, our goal is fairness in the lease process for commercial tenants. We seek only to ensure that every successful small business is able to continue operation, employ people,  and make reasonable guesses about the future of their continued successful operation. And, this is exactly what the SBJSA does: it protects all of NYC's small businesses from being unreasonably exploited by unscrupulous landlords caring only for record profits and not the fabric and character of NYC: Its' people

Let’s take back our communities. Let’s take back the power of unity. Let's TakeBackNYC. Sign the petition below to let your NYC Council Member know that if they don't support the SBJSA, you won't support them.