I have lived in Manhattan since 1978. While there were problems in the city then, it was still a unique and magical place,where people from all over the world could come to manifest their dreams. It is quickly becoming the center of corporate greed and monopolistic conformity.
— Sari Kutch NY, NY
After 33 years living in NYC, I’ve witnessed, over the past decade, a drastic shift in the very nature of the city I love. Viable, vital businesses are being forced out due to rent-gouging (there is no other name for it) by greedy landlords.

Everyone deserves to turn a profit, but rent-gouging and the influx of big-box and chain restaurants and stores is making the NYC so many of us have loved for decades all but unrecognizable now.
— Brett Leveridge NY, NY
New York has lost its people power and creativity. All that is left are plaques on walls saying what used to be filled with creativity, love and community life.
— Barbara Ruether, NY, NY
We are all human and we have the capacity for compassion and equitable treatment of each other regardless of race, income, sex, or religion.Let’s look out for each other.
— Darryl Aiken Brooklyn, NY

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Supporting Documents

Former NYC Council Speaker Quinn’s Original 2009 Substitute Plan for the SBJSA

Commercial Eviction Rates

Hearing Transcript, Robert Cornegy Harassment Bill

Legal Panel Review Stating Legality of SBJSA

Mayor Koch Announcement of the Small Retail Commission Study

Small Retail Study Commission Final Report, 1986