TakeBackNYC is a movement of direct action.

Here's what you can do to save our small businesses and TakeBackNYC: 

  1. Sign the petition. We have worked with the Small Business Congress who authored the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, to create a petition on change.org lobbying our NYC elected officials to let them know that NYC supports small business and it's time they did too. Lend your voice to the movement with one click.

  2. Volunteer. We're stronger together. We're always looking for volunteers to take action doing anything from passing out window posters to small businesses in your neighborhood, collecting signatures at community events, becoming a neighborhood captain and getting the word out to your neighbors, organizing targeted social media campaigns directed at NYC Council Members, website design, photography, writing, speaking at community forums, contacting local press in your neighborhood, and more. You get it, anything you think you can contribute to the movement, we are ready to put your valuable time and skills to use. Email us at volunteer@takebacknyc.nyc.

  3. Ready to just get out there and do it?  Download our Do-it-Yourself Volunteer Kit which includes talking points, the details of the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, and downloadable versions of the petition for you to get out there, spread the word, and collect signatures! Once you've filled up your petition with signatures, simply scan, or take a clear photo, and send the completed petition pages to info@takebacknyc.nyc and we will enter them in on change.org